Valerie Heath

Valerie Heath

Founder / President

“…our military veterans need the most help to heal not just physically, but just as important…emotionally”

For 20 years I worked with military groups, such as the Veterans Assistance Network, as a sales consultant for computer products and phone equipment. During this time, I became aware that military veterans needed the most help to heal physically and emotionally and I was gripped by a determination to do something meaningful for them.

With my background and experience using holistic, non-invasive techniques to heal illness, I founded Heaven and Earth Oasis, a nonprofit 501(c)(3). The organization is dedicated to healing military personnel by applying an array of established alternative and complementary methods of treatment that work. Many of the methods we employ, such as Reiki, are now successfully incorporated by military organizations to help heal war veterans diagnosed with combat-related illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I was diagnosed with a slow-growing pituitary tumor in 2005. Doctors offered two options: try to shrink it with medicine or undergo a dangerous operation. Medications did not shrink the tumor so I researched the best brain surgeons in the country and chose one in Los Angeles. The surgery was successful but not without complications. My lungs collapsed and, similar to symptoms of pneumonia, breathing became very difficult.

I searched and found a professional who could clear the energy in my solar plexus to help me breath comfortably. He was a Reiki Master in Ojai, California, who also trained me to use Reiki on myself with excellent results. The inflammation in my solar plexus subsided then disappeared. I was breathing normally and now my lungs are clear.

After undergoing this physical transformation, in 2006 Valerie became a certified Reiki Master. Valerie has since become an energy healer trained and certified in several other therapies.  Valerie specializes in Reiki, Nutrition and Personal Counseling, Energetic Alchemist, Theta Healing, Esoteric Acupuncture, Infared Biomat Treatments.

Heaven & Earth Oasis has been treating military personnel at no cost with remarkable results not attained by traditional medicine alone. Your generous financial support allows us to continue providing wounded military personnel with these proven, effective holistic healing services.

Martha Bowers

Martha Bowers

Vice President

”…facilitating change in every direction!”

Martha’s interest with Heaven and Earth Oasis drives from her own families military service. Martha’s Dad and three of her brothers have served with a combination of more than 85 years in military service to this country. One of her brothers and her Dad served in wartime. There is emotional stress/turmoil not addressed as part of their return to home. Services provided by Heaven and Earth address these emotional traumas and more.

Martha’s own path to wellness… Illnesses plagued her during childhood. A weak immune system made her susceptible to tonsillitis that resulted in cycles of antibiotic treatments that lasted for years. At the age of 6 they removed her tonsils. She often battled digestive issues. At age 16, she was diagnosed with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). She found that traditional medicine offered only Band-Aids or at best-limited solutions that resulted in more trips to the doctor due to the side effects of those treatments.

In her early twenties Martha met a woman who changed her life, she was taught that changing her diet, eliminated most of the JRA symptoms. During her thirties, Martha blew out her elbow. Leaving my doctors appointment with the knowledge of needing an elbow replacement, she began looking for alternative solutions. This journey brought her to a chiropractor that again chipped way at  old belief patterns of wellness. Within 6 months without surgery she had regained full use of her arm.

During this time two of her best friends were diagnosed with cancer. She knew that she needed more information to understand dis-ease and how to obtain wellness. By taking a series of classes and Martha became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding food, nutrition, health, and wellness today. There is more to being healthy than looking healthy. By looking at overall cell health, and determine what nutrients are missing; Martha then educates you on what foods can be added to help bring a person back to wellness on their own. There are times that supplements are needed, the source of supplements must be pristine, best source of nutrition is natural organic non-GMO; fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats.

Martha’s goal is to assist you on your wellness journey. There are many roads (therapies) to wellness; my objective as a facilitator is to share her knowledge with you and assist you in the selection process.  Martha is certified in Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine,  Loomis Enzyme Specialist, Clinical Nutrition. Tools used for in assessment are BIA Analysis, Zyto Scanning,